Looking for something extra special for your little one’s birthday, or just looking to create some fun memories?

Why not try a Cake Smash photoshoot with us at PhotoSammi.

What is a Cake Smash Photoshoot?

Parents love to see their child having fun. This is precisely what cake smash sessions are all about, parents like to watch their baby explore and taste the cake which always results in fun, sometimes messy photos.

The Cake Smash Photo Shoot is a whole new way to celebrate your babies first birthday or some of the highlights in our kids’ lives. Smash cake sessions are usually held around the baby’s first birthday. 

The actual Cake Smash shoots are children led, which means that we will keep up with your children. When they get bored, we move on. If they want to relax, we will take a break. Because of these shoots, sometimes it may take more time. Sometimes we sit down and have a chat while your child settles in and feels comfortable in our home studio.

The cake smash sessions are supposed to be messy, and your child should have lots of fun! 

Here at PhotoSammi, we can make those moments really memorable, with our custom Cake Smash shoots. That way, you’ll always have the perfect photo of your child to look back on and love all over again – or, to embarrass them with when they eventually bring their first partner home!


How to book

Get in touch to check our availability. The deposit of £25 would be taken now to secure your date and later on the session date would be deducted from the whole amount.

Prices & Packages

Bronze Package
  • Up to 1-Hour Photo Session

  • 1 Outfit

  • 1 - "10x8" Size Print

  • 6 - "6x4" Size Prints

  • 2 - Photo Keyrings or Magnets

  • 2 Edited Digital Images 

Silver Package
  • Up to 1-Hour Photo Session

  • 1 Outfit

  • 1 - "10x8" Size Print

  • 10 - "6x4" Size Prints

  • 2 - Photo Keyrings or Magnets

  • 10 Edited Digital Images 

Gold Package
  • Up to 1-Hour Photo Session

  • Up to 3 Outfits

  • 2 - "10x8" Size Print

  • 10 - "6x4" Size Prints

  • 2 - Photo Keyrings or Magnets

  • 25 Edited Digital Images 

Add additional Digital Images - NOW £5.99 each


Cake Smash with a tired little angel isn’t always fun, so try to schedule your booking in with your little one's sleeping pattern,

when they are rested after nap time and fully awake.

It’s also a great idea to bring along drinks & snacks – photoshoots can be tiring for the little ones.

Cake Smash Time!

Now is time to smash the cake!
Your little angel will need your encouragement to smash the cake.
Don’t be too worried if he/she hasn’t had cake before or is hesitant to smash the cake – every baby is different and we will still get great photos! 

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